Maestria Education aims to provide superior quality mock tests and at the same time fast-tracking the process and synchronizing it with the exam schedule. We do so by utilizing better technology and a smarter approach towards the process of drafting mock tests and books. Our self-learning AI-powered software carefully prioritizes exams as per its demand. This enables our mock test creators to organize time better consequently they get enough time to research and create the mocks with the actual exam-level quality. Similar sophistication is endowed to the mock interviews through which we prepare students for the interview round in their exam. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::📙 Maestria Education was sculpted out of Olivia Dasgupta's dream to transform the educational framework of India forever. Since its genesis, it has acted as a junction for students, educationists, and institutions to connect. Maestria Education has championed the intricacies of the Ed-Tech Marketplace and put these newly learned principles to use. Our vision has henceforth expanded to engulf the field of Online Test Series for competitive exams and from there to be an all-around avenue for the students to practice for their exams. Mock Tests, Books, Mock Interviews, Daily News and Quizzes, Current Affairs.📙📙